Press Release API from NASDAQ

Andrew Carpenter
April 25, 2017

Intrinio is excited to announce the addition of the NASDAQ Global Press Releases data feed. This data feed will provide Intrinio users with API access to the latest breaking news for companies from around the world. If you need a press release API, this article explains how to get access and provides sample API calls to get you started.

Accessing the Press Release API

To subscribe to the press release API, you will need to request a consultation with our team.

If you are unfamiliar with Intrinio's API, this article will show you how to get your API keys and provides step by step instructions as well as sample code in numerous languages.

Using the Press Release API

NOTE: The examples below are for v1 of the Intrinio API. If you’re using API v2, follow the v2 documentation instead.

Intrinio's help page includes links to our data tag directory, API tutorials, and numerous other helpful articles that will save you time on your integration. The base URL for obtaining press releases is straightforward:

That call will return all press releases for all companies in the database in JSON format, about 24,000 responses as of April 2017, including the company name, title of the press release, publication date, a URL to view the full release, and a summary.

To get later pages, just add a pager to the call:

You can change the page size to range up to 100 results per page. You can also specify a ticker if you only want press releases for a certain stock:

You can add up to 10 tickers to a single API call:,AAPL,FB,AMZN

International securities are available as well, simply specify the exchange and the security and separate them with a colon:

If you'd specify whether the return values only include press releases from the company, or have the return values include press releases that have the company in the subject, specify a related parameter:

The data extends historically until 2017-01-27, the date Intrinio began integrating this data feed. The feed updates every 15 minutes, meaning the data you see will be at most 15 minutes old. NASDAQ releases about 25% of all press release volume, meaning this feed includes 1/4 of all global press releases.

Getting the Most Out of the Data

This is a great feed for creating automatic alerts for breaking company news or generating alpha in quantitative models. If you'd like a custom plan that allows you to redistribute the press release data through your own app, request a consultation with our team.