The Intrinio Data Journey

Courtney Kiely
September 13, 2018

Here at Intrinio, we’re not just on a mission to make data affordable and accessible, but also to bring high quality, clean financial data to the masses.

So how exactly do we take the inordinate amount of incoming financial data, polish it up, and push it out to all of you?

We put it through our Data Journey.

The Intrinio Data Journey

What is the Data Journey?

The Data Journey is our proprietary process of curating, cleaning, and outputting the financial data feeds that we offer on our platform.

When we source third-party financial data feeds, the data comes to us in its natural format, which can be prone to errors and other data quality issues. After we utilize our machine learning technology to refine and standardize the data, we work on integrating it with our API.

The best thing about the Intrinio API isn’t just its speed or simplicity, but its scalability. It is a singular API. This means that regardless of how many data feeds you subscribe to on your Intrinio account, you can access all of them through one API. Additionally, we offer a variety of SDKs so that you’re able to utilize our API in the programming language of your choice, in as little as three lines of code.

Additionally, with Intrinio, nearly every feed offers self-signup so that you’re able to start utilizing the financial data within minutes of signing up for a free trial or paying for a subscription.

Simply put, less time integrating and getting started, more time analyzing, back-testing, or developing the latest financial app.

In an effort to enable our users to be self-sufficient, nearly every feed includes a variety of educational resources such as how-to articles and videos, as well as use case examples.

But the Data Journey doesn’t end there. We’re not the type to dump financial data in your lap and say goodbye. In fact, we’re interested in learning more about your project, celebrating your milestones, and just talking financial data, which is why our team is available to chat with you in real-time, seven days a week!

After all of this happens, we’re at a place in the Data Journey where we’re ready to get the word out about the new financial data feeds that we have available. This occurs in a variety of channels including blogs, email campaigns, and other forms of social sharing.

The last but certainly not least step of our Data Journey is YOU! After all, what would a Data Journey be without a destination?

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Interested in Joining the Data Journey as a Partner?

We’re always looking to add more financial data feeds to our platform. If you have a feed that you’d like to add, please visit our Data Partner page to learn more and contact us.